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Hey Guys,
              I know it's been a while since I wrote my last journal entry, but a lot has been going on, what with exams and a getaway holiday with my explorers. I've been going through a hard time recently trying to figure out what I can do with my life, I mean that somethings I've been doing have really made me stop and think about whether this is WHO I am or am I better than this... I'm 15 and I've  been thinking about the future and whether that one thing everyone's so big about, is really what 'everyone' is doing. So I've completely stopped who I was, I think that I was mixing with some of the wrong people and getting the wrong idea's, normally when I think about changing my life and who I'm friends with, after the summer everything changes and goes back to how it was before. I promise myself that I will do it this time, keep to my plans. Change everything.
   So I've started to think about the two youth groups I'm involved with, I say youth groups but more mixers...
- The Manga Club at my local library, met a few people, lost a , friend... now I'm not too sure, see it's more one of those clique groups not a come and go thing... Plus some of the things said between a couple of guys and me aren't always the best things to accidently fall into the conversation with the wrong people. I know that they all go out to Anime con's and thing's like Hyper Japan in London a lot but I have other commitments as well, and family as well who don't live close.
- Explorers... well I'm gonna say that this is also too quite cliquey but I suppose that's just a few of them not a whole unit. I've got to say that I have grown up with most of the guys there - Beavers - Cubs - Scouts - through it all together and some I've met because of Explorers. My life has evolved around Scouting because my grandfather on my mums side was one of the first people in a group local to me, and my mum put me in Beavers at the age of 5/6 and I have rarely missed a meeting or camp... Dedication to scouting,  to me means a lot, which is the reason why my Explorer leaders have put my name forward for the Jack Petchy Award, a complete honor to me. Recently I came back from a camp with the Explorers to Belgium, we had an adventure packed week, and honestly one week was not enough... We went to Leurven, accidently stumbled upon a beer festival that only happens once a year, we honestly did not know that this was on, we were supposed to go climbing but there was a lack of instructors... We went to Walabi theme park, some of the rides were brilliant!! High ropes and mountain biking, sadly one of our leaders fell off his bike and landed on his back with a bike pump strapped to him, injuring his kidney and was in hospital for the rest of the week, didn't get back to ENGLAND until about a week later then straight in to hospital again. Hike and canoe, epic times especially as when your the odd one out so go with your leaders, sit in the middle and do nothing the occasional paddle when they were struggling... Ypres, Tyne Cot Cemetery and the Menine Gate ceremony was brilliant, very emotional... then Brussels... our leaders gave us so much slack, let us go off, with a walkie talkie (always keeping up to date with the gadgets!!!) and we would set a time and place to meet, and if we felt like it discuss over the radio if we wanted to change the time... It's brilliant how I become closer to the other explorers and I know that if I need to talk to someone, like a leader or explorer, I know I can, true they might not care but I know that they will listen...
   To be honest, I'm rambling on and probably anyone who is reading this is like 'Yawn getting bored now, gonna talk about something else??' so back to my original topic, yeah I'm changing, stick to explorers for me... I'm also trying to lose weight and it's not working, honestly I'm far too much of a food person... I know I'm not like the 15 year old's on 'Too Fat For 15' but I know that i can slim down a bit cause I know that if I put my mind to it, I can do it!!!
    I've sort of got a job, baby-sitting, but it's more a family thing... Fridays and Sundays £60 for it, and I'm saving up for a laptop to help me with my schoolwork, as I need to use some programs that the main computer and laptop don't have,which my dad should be giving me £50 towards as well as my pocket money... My cousin, whom I babysit for got my GSCE results last week because I was away in Scotland, 3 D's 2 C's and a B, my gran being the cow she is said, 'You need to work harder, get your head down and get B's A's A*'s...' She can actually go screw herself, I'm struggling at a few subjects because this year has been quite hard for me... Science is actually my strong point at the moment, my biology and chemistry grades were ok, but physics is not my best, so I'm going to ask my ex if he can tutor me, of course I would pay him...
   Ok, I think I've taken up enough your time...

Amy Anne Kirkpatrick


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Amy Anne Kirkpatrick
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United Kingdom
love to draw, write and am currently helping my best friend write our own Cosplay series for Vampire Knight and writing about japanese style version of our school...

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